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Pork, Iberico Ribs (LIMITED)

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Dubbed the "Wagyu of Pork," Iberico stands out as an exceptional variety of meat. It is derived from the esteemed Spanish Iberian pigs, characterized by its densely marbled meat. The meat's deep red hue challenges traditional perceptions, bearing a closer resemblance to beef than pork in appearance.

Ibérico Pork Ribs are a culinary delight, renowned for their rich taste and succulent texture. This exquisite cut comes from the celebrated Ibérico breed, known for its marbled meat that ensures every bite is intensely juicy and flavorful, with creamy nuances that elevate its profile. In a word: Delicious.

Ibérico Pork Ribs are truly a gastronomic treasure, celebrated for their deeply satisfying taste and tender texture. Sourced from the prestigious Ibérico breed, this premium cut is distinguished by its intricately marbled meat, guaranteeing each mouthful is bursting with intense juiciness and a rich, nuanced flavor that simply sings of decadence. In short: it's irresistibly delicious.

Often referred to as the "Wagyu of Pork," Iberico is in a class of its own. Originating from the revered Spanish Iberian pigs, this meat is noted for its significant marbling. Its deep red coloration defies conventional pork appearances, leaning more towards the aesthetics of beef.

Cooking Tips:
Cooking Ibérico pork is an art that deviates from the norm. With a higher fat-to-meat ratio compared to standard pork, and a fat composition rich in oleic acids, Iberico requires careful handling in the kitchen. Its beef-like qualities, in both appearance and flavor, suggest that a gentle, slow-cooking method yields the best results. The key is to avoid overcooking at all costs.

Overcooking this exquisite pork diminishes its moisture and toughness, significantly detracting from the fat's vibrant flavor. To achieve perfection, it's advisable to monitor the cooking process with a meat thermometer, ensuring the pork is just right and not a degree more.

The magic of Iberico lies in its fat, rich with a nutty flavor that makes every bite a delight. The meat's beautiful marbling not only contributes to its luxurious velvety texture but also enhances the overall taste, making Iberico pork a must-try for those who appreciate the finer things in culinary arts.

Barnard Beef Cattle Company (Crawford, TX)

Barnard Beef Cattle Co.

Family Owned. Family Oriented.


I feel the weight and honor of legacy when it comes to ranching in Central Texas. While my grandparents and great-grandparents are no longer with me, I try to uphold their traditions and long-standing beliefs.

 Barnard Beef Cattle Co. is proudly owned and operated by Blayr Barnard. My husband, Douglas Landrum, and three boys, Conor, Axton, and Zander Landrum, round out the home team.


Our mission:

Make Great Steak.

Raise Hardworking Kids.

Have Fun.

Make Money and Share.


Started by my Great Grandfather, "Daddy Sam" Barnard as an operation focusing on farming and transitioned into light cattle ranching by my Grandfather, Sterlin Barnard, Barnard Beef Cattle Co. would not be in existence without my father, David S Barnard. Known mostly for his work with National Bank, now National United, based in Gatesville, Texas, David moved the company fully into cattle ranching.


I returned to Central Texas in 2015  after having a 13-year career in Small Business Consulting in Northwest Texas, Montana, and Indiana. David was turning 70 and asked me to take over the family ranch. While I have grown the acres, enterprises, and the number of animals, I have kept the basic business model he perfected over years of hard work.


Without my hardworking team, I would be unable to maintain the animals, acres, equipment, and positive attitude. 

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